You were a tremendous help today with my problem of ACCIDENTALLY DELETED DIGITAL PICTURES FROM A WEDDING. Everyone, including people at Office Depot where we bought the camera, Nikon (the type of camera we just bought), and the man at SanDisk (the manufacturer of the SDHC card we bought for the camera) told me there was NO WAY to restore the pictures!

Luckily, I listened to my daughter in law, who told me to go online and put in "recover deleted digital pictures". This is where I heard about your company and decided to try the demo. I couldn't get this to work right, so I called the company and was routed to you, Eric. And was I lucky.... you walked me through each step until I indeed did recover every picture we took at the wedding (746 in all). You were able to talk to me in language I could understand, and told me each step, one at a time! Thank you for being there for me!!

Please forward this to your supervisor! If it gets you a raise or brownie points, you deserve them!!

What with all the stress from all the tornadoes that hit Alabama last Wednesday, I didn't need any more stress! And I was indeed stressing over this. (the wedding was outside, but they had to buy generators so the bride could get her hair done up just right and for hot water for showers, and for the food and music. All went well, so despite the storm, the newly wed couple is happily married and now I can print the wedding pictures and make an album for them.

Thanks, thanks, thanks!!
Donna Dickens


Thank you very much for the follow up. I am very impressed with the level of customer service I have received from you.

I am not accustomed to this type of delivery of service from any Company online. I very very rarely buy anything online for various reasons, but am extremely pleased with what you represent and the help I received. I am in the customer service industry myself and am very involved with my customers I see every day as well.

Kudos to you my friend. I have mentioned your software to 3 people now where I work and what to do if they ever run into what I did.

Good job!!!

Many thanks,
Dave Ouellette

LC Technology-

You answer the phone with a "live" person, have people that are friendly, helpful, and speak English well. You guys got us back to work quickly when I had trouble with transferring a license. You're great to deal with.

Just wanted to say "Thank you" for that.
George Schubert

Hello Grant,

I just want to say a very big thank you for all your help and assistance. I did recover some of my babys first pictures and the extended family pictures and more. I am very grateful for all your help and assistance. "You really are one in a million" with all my constant calling you for help.

I have never met or spoken to a very patient and helpful person like you-I must tell you I was amazed and still am. I just want to say a vey big thank you for your professionalism and great, no- outstanding customer service.

You really are... "one in a million".

Thank you Grant.


To Whom It May Concern

On March 28th I was referred to your company for retreival of a SanDisc. I had tried multiple methods of retreiving the photos and really didn't hold out much hope. Through your live chat I connected with Ray. He suggested that I use your software and gave me the link to do so. I attempted to follow his instructions but was not successful in finding my irreplacable photos of my first grandson's birth and a trip to Walt Disney World with my three year old granddaughter. I cried, again, thinking that all those precious memories were really forever lost.

About an hour later I received a personal phone call from Ray. I was shocked that he actually called to begin with, but then took the extra time to help me not only understand how to download the demo but then stayed on the phone and talked me through the process and purchase.

It is so wonderful to know that their are still people in this world who will go the extra mile in their job. You should be so very proud of this emplyee and his work ethic. I cannot begin to thank him enough for his help, his follow through and giving me back those precious keepsakes. Please take this as the absolute highest commendation that I can give via email.

Thank you for your time,
Bonnie Bilotta

Hi Grant

Superb program. I lost nearly all my files in a transfer from SD Card to iMac; I already had MediaRecover from about 6 years ago, which I updated and which got back about 10% of the photos. Your RescuePro got back ALL my files.

Brilliant, thank you so much. Cheap at twice the price.

John Roy


Please forward this to your supervisor for me.

Thanks so much for all your help. We had important pictures on the memory card. My husband had backed up onto a portable iomega hardrive. Guess what, they weren't there, and for the first time had deleted them.

I not only called once but probably 5 times. Jason's patience and calmness was very nice to hear while my pictures were stuck in demo mode. But we had purchased the product and could not move the pictures or right click. Sadly each time I clicked the rescue pro like to upgrade etc it also closed the program and we had to wait 15 to 20 minutes for them to scan and save again.

Alas, Jason put me on hold to discuss the problem. Bringing up the Vista Operateing system and running as administrator, password protected which I believe they tried to do, only comes up with 3 different programs on our computer which is obviously a vista problem.

Hurray we did it on probably the 5th try. Thank you Jason for your patience. I had thought we had lost the pictures forever.

The Ferguson House


Thank you SO MUCH for your call just when I thought I was going to lose it -- again!

I recovered ALL of the lost files, plus quite a few from before I formatted the card. You all do MAGIC!

Thank you again. I think I've recovered from my heart attack now. (The images were of a wedding -- the whole ceremony was lost.) I'm exhausted, and now I'm relieved, thanks to you.

Now time to fix those cameras...

Hi Ken

Good News!

The software is installed and the pictures have been saved.

Thank you very much for your effective and expert help.

Keep well.

Kind Regards,


I just got to see the pictures on the DVD that you sent me. OH, how happy I am!!

You all make my day, actually...you made my MONTH!!

Those were some incredible pictures, and I don't know IF we all have the opportunity to re-live the moment.

I want to thank you, because you clearly put in the extra effort.

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

Pas Iaderosa


Thanks for your response. I purchased a new cf card of your company and received a registration number. Luckily I was able to recover the files. I'm positively surprised about the effort of your company. My compliments.

Kind regards,

Hi Ray,

I just received the disk with my data back. Thank you so much for your help - I was so happy with the service that if (God forbid) i need it again, I will definitely be a repeat customer. It is so rare to be promised something and actually get it (especially with fast turnaround).

thanks again



I know that this project is not complete but let me say this; you should be proud of the efforts of your team. I am most impressed by the concern showed to me that the files I get back are correct & usable. Sandy could have unloaded the card to a DVD & mailed it back without care that I wouldn?t be able to use the information, but he didn?t. It is difficult to find that level of concern for my problems in a company today, but you have certainly exceeded my expectations to date.

If you are able to extract usable data from my card may I have your permission to send your companies web site or your e-mail address to my coworkers as a ?go to guy? for issues such as mine?


Hello Eric,

I received the file and I wanted to say how happy I am for what you and your company did for me. The customer service you offered and performed is second to none and hard to find in this day and time. You should be commended for your kind, speedy, and helpful service that you provided for me and my fire department. I will recommend your company to others in the future.

Thanks So Much

Jason Ingle
Assistant Chief
Boger City Fire Department
Lincolnton N.C


I received the CD in the mail today.

Thank you once again for your assistance. I told our IT person about LC Technologies in the event that he encounters a similar problem in the future.

I also appreciate the personal and prompt service. You all get an A+! Way to rise above the economic downturn.

Have a great week!
Monica Zhang


I received the disk today of our Disney pictures. They were WONDERFUL!!!!!

I can't thank you enough. You also gave me a great anniversary present. When I got your e-mail saying you had recovered some of our pictures, it was our 5 year anniversary on that very day.

Again, thank you so very much. You have no idea what these pictures mean to me and my family.

God bless you!!!!
Karen Lindquist


I needed to write a quick note to thank you for saving me. I am so thrilled to get the very important information I needed off my flash drive.

I thank you so much and will spread the word to all I know.

Thank you again!

Dennis Lamarche

Hi Rob -

It's the file!!!! It's the file!!!! Woohoo!!!!

Thanks for all your help. It's been so nice working with you and all the assistance that you've given us - it's a great service you all are providing. I'm glad your company partnered up with SanDisk - I had total confidence that you would get everything back.

Hope again you have an awesome day.



Imagine yourself on the way to the biggest presentation in a year; the market has been down, business has taken a beating and up pops a huge customer with months of business for you. You (me) are on the plane making the last polishing touches that will wow them, and suddenly the guy next to you decides to flex his 'tiny wings' and fly right into my flash drive, stuck into the side of my laptop, and snap it off. Oh, says the putz, I'm sorry; great, nothing is suddenly there and I can't get the presentation off the main computer because the IT guy is on vacation.

I called San Disk, and they referred me to LC-Tech. I call them and make arrangements to FedEx the drive to them in Florida. Only a couple days later, the recovered material is in my hands, the presentation is in the hands of the client and they love it.... business (read survival) is in the bag for 2010. I cannot thank Rob and LC-tech enough for 'fast tracking' this repair. It came back to me on the most timely magic carpet available; situation fixed, panic over.

It's going to be a nice weekend...thanks Rob, more than you can know.

Mike Nicholes; Portland Oregon.
Inventory and Supply Chain Management
Consulting and Training; worldwide


I received the DVD of my recovered files today and downloaded them onto my computer, and made a couple of backups. Everything is there and in working order, thanks for being there to assist with the file recovery. Your service is very much worth the cost of being able to recover lost data.

Captain Fred Nelsen
Deputy Fire Marshal
Bureau of Fire Prevention
City of Ontario Fire Dept.

Ray and the Group of LC Technology,

Just a quick note to express my sincere appreciation for all of your hard work to recover photos and document files from the Maxtor external hard drive after they were lost when I transferred them from the Windows PC to the MAC. Before I learned about LC Technology, I had discussed the lost files with several people and companies including Apple, Seagate and they informed me that the files had been overwritten and there were no means to recover. A Friend told me about LC Technology after they had used software to recover photos from a thumb drive.

Ray Hasinger was my first contact with LC Technologies and he was not sure if the files could be recovered but, wanted to give it a try. I estimated that there were 4000-5000 photos on the external drive, My wife and I dropped a jaw when we received an email that said LC Technology had recovered 22,000 photos and 700 document files.

I can't brag enough about the courteous and professional staff of LC Technologies, You all are outstanding in my books.

Forever Grateful,

Charles Misak
Medford, Oklahoma


I received the data in good order.

I appreciate the excellent work you did and the professional manner in which you carried it out!

If you would like me to convey this to your boss, let me know. I am always happy to commend good folks.

Best regards,

Dave Platte


I just want to thank you so much for retrieving my data from my flash drive. It was such a relief getting my files back, not to mention the valuable lesson of backing-up my data. I've been taking college courses for several years now, and the $75 I spent to get my files back was well worth the learning lesson in comparison to the hundreds per class I've spent and learned much less. Thanks again. I greatly appreciated it! I have already sung your praises to my IT guys at work that were certain my flash drive was a lost cause.


Jackie White


I wanted to write and thank your company for your assistance with recovering my photos on my memory stick.

Thank you to the kind young lady who answers your phone calls. She is courteous and listens to the problem before transferring a call. It is so nice to have a live person answer calls.

Thank you to Ray who assisted me initially and called me when he returned from lunch to make sure that I was doing ok with my download.

Thank you to Sandy who assisted me with my download. I had done something incorrect and Sandy explained the process to me in simple terms so that my less than perfect technical mind could understand.

I am happy to say that your software did recover my previously deleted photos of my priceless memories. Thanks for your patience and kindness!!!!!!!


Brigette J. Beaton

Dear Ray,

I received the DVD with my data on it. Words cannot express the joy in seeing all of my files again. You were not the first IT professional to look at the drive, but you were the first to give me the result I needed! I am grateful to have been directed to your company; I thought my data was gone for good.

I received the DVD with my data on it. Words cannot express the joy in seeing all of my files again. You were not the first IT professional to look at the drive, but you were the first to give me the result I needed! I am grateful to have been directed to your company; I thought my data was gone for good.

Thank you again, and may God's rich blessing be yours in the coming year.

Jill Bradway


I just wanted to say thank you for your service and timeliness in the process. When dealing with people's documents and files, you guys really know how important your work is, and you made me feel very confident and comfortable that my data would be recovered. Thank you also for how quickly you got the info back to me, despite me being half way across the country. It was worth every penny!

Mike Miller

I?m a professional photographer, using SanDisk CF cards in a Mamiya ZD camera, which produces camera RAW files in an unusual format (.MEF files). I had just done an important job with no chance of a reshoot ? when I got back I took the card out of the camera, and placed it in the card reader as usual. But instead of seeing the card mounted on my computer as I expected, I got a message saying the card couldn't be read, and I had a choice ? ignore, initialize or eject. I tried another card reader ? same message. I put the card back in the camera ? which said the card needed to be formatted. I tried various disk and data rescue tools I have ? nothing worked.

I looked at the SanDisk website and saw they offered a data recovery service via LC Technology. I filled in the online form, and promptly got an email from Grant Woods acknowledging my request. I spoke to him on the phone, and he told me to send in the CF card. Because of the unusual format of the files, I was not expecting them to be able to get much back. Within hours of receiving the card Grant told me they thought they could recover the files, and sent me four samples. Three were fine, but one had a problem. I asked them to go ahead with the recovery ? about 85% were completely fine ? the rest showed the same problem as the sample ? only half the image was visible. But as I had plenty of exposures to choose from, this didn?t matter, and the job (and my reputation) was salvaged. They offered to do more work on the problem files to see if they could rescue these too, but as this wasn?t necessary, I didn?t pursue the matter.

My conclusions ? a first rate outfit, with excellent feedback and very good results at a great price. They even turned down my offer to charge me more if they needed to do more work than they had expected. I?d have no hesitation in using them again, or recommending them.

Best wishes,


I'd like to thanks Grant and the team and LC Technology for the excellent service received. I thought I had lost some important data for good when my memory stick stopped working. Grant recovered every last piece of data within 2 hours! The cost was minimal and the service was exceptional."

Dan Fortune

Sales Director
Alltrade Printers Ltd

Dear Ray!

Thank You, Thank You!

I am so thankful for your service and that you saved ALL the files on my thumb drive. Your service was prompt and very much appreciated.

Best luck with your future successes!


Dear Grant,

The data CD arrived last week, but I was not able to download the photos onto my computer until last night, hence the delay in my reply.

The good news is that all is well. I do not know whether the corrupted photos were ones that I deleted in the camera, but I am happy that most of the photos have been recovered.

I tried a different card in the camera and had similar problems, so exchanged the camera (it was within 30 days of my buying it) and so far everything seems fine.

Finally, I just wanted to tell you that you have been superlative, and have provided an outstanding service. You were clear about what could and could not be done, you managed to recover the bulk of what are irreplaceable photographs and you were very fast indeed. I am going to recommend you to Jessop's, in writing, and I will certainly let everyone I know how good you are.

Many thanks for your help.

Kind regards,



I want to thank you for going the extra mile to retrieve the pictures from our damaged camera card. Thank goodness I found you and your company. A local company was not able to retrieve our pics, so your diligence was greatly appreciated. To refresh your memory, these were pics of our Italy vacation and now we have the pics to go along with the memories.

Thanks again!



I apologize for not contacting you sooner. I was out of town for a wedding since Wednesday. But, I came home tonight to find a DVD with ALL my missing photos! I cannot thank you enough for helping me out. Those photos were priceless! I will definitely be referring you to everyone I know should they ever run into a similar situation. I cannot believe how technology works and that you have created something to retrieve missing data.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Thanks so very much for the prompt service.

Thanks also to Ray for his excellent customer care skills and for following with me on this matter. I hope I will never need your services again, but if I do you can count on my business. I am 100% satisfied with your service.

Best regards,

Customer Service Manager
Fluid Metering, Inc.


Because your outstanding service and follow up, your company should have you personally hand deliver to Hawaii. Who do I need contact?

Tanya and I would thank you for your help with us remembering our trip!

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Dear Eric,

Thank you for your successful work and helping me out of "between a rock and a hard place." Your service is certainly essential for me and others, I'm sure.

Thanks again,



I wanted to communicate with you that I have received the CD, and all my pictures were retrieved! I can't tell you how exciting this was. I am truly amazed and grateful for all your assistance. Not only does your company provide a great service at a great price but the service I personally received from you was extraordinary. Your responses were prompt and informational. You gave me hope when every website out there said there was none. I would love to visit all of those websites were people were asking for assistance asking if anyone knew what could be done. Most people blogged after they had tried several software's like I did with no avail. Every answer they received was that nothing could be done that there was no more hope. I would love to visit as many of those sites as I can and let everyone know that there is help and include your website address. I hope this is not a problem.

Again thank you so much for everything you have one happy customer!!



Thank you again for absolutely everything. You are a life saver. I received the DVD today. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am very happy with your services. I will certainly recommend your company to anyone if they are ever in the situation that I was.

Michele Medek

Thank very very much Mr. Gomez! You are a life saver . I look forward to picking up the package later this week. Have a great week and continue being blessed at your awesome talent with jump drive/electronics.

Victoria Henry

Hi Ron,

That is great news! I am looking forward to receiving the final product.

Its been a pleasure working with you and LC. Your service has been outstanding and very professional.

Best Regards,

Dave Mogdans


Thank you again, you really have no idea how much time and work you have saved me, I have learned a VERY valuable lesson about backing-up important files. .

You guys are awesome, tell everyone involved I said thank you!


Hello Eric!

Thank you so much for all of your work for the recovery. You have saved me hours going over my books to re-write my lost notes, not to mention about 5 years off my life!


Jen Presti

Hi Eric,

Thank you so much for all your help and such a timely turn around time!

I am very grateful you all were able to recover my files.

Great work!

Petrina Turner

Dear Eric,

I just wanted to thank you so much for recovering my photos from my trip to the Grand Canyon and the Fiesta Bowl!

I really appreciate all of your help and would recommend your service to anyone!

Thanks again,

Randi Robertson

Dear Ray,

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have found LC Technology.

My heart sank when I plugged my flash drive into my computer and realized it had malfunctioned and was no longer readable. As you know, I am getting married this May, and I had spent the past month scanning about 250 photos to use in scrapbooks I was giving my bridesmaids as part of their gift from me. I had JUST scanned the final photo two days before my flash drive crashed (Murphy's Law, I suppose!). The thought of spending another month gathering and scanning those photos all over again made me sick to my stomach.

Luckily, when I called SanDisk to tell them about the drive, they recommended I reach out to LC Tech. You were super helpful, patiently giving me all the necessary information and reassuring me that LC was usually very successful in these cases. And with the policy that I only pay if you are able to recover my files, I really felt I had nothing to lose. I mailed in my flash drive next-day air on Wednesday, and I nearly fell over when you called me Thursday afternoon to let me know that LC was able to retrieve my files. I couldn't believe my photos were recovered -- and SO quickly!!

I received the CD in the mail on Saturday, and when I checked it, sure enough, there were all my photos, safe and sound. I am beyond thrilled! You have no idea how much time, energy and grief you saved me. With all the stresses that come along with planning a wedding, starting this project all over again was the last thing I needed. And now, thanks to LC, I can just pick up right where I left off.

Thank you SO much for your kindness, your expertise and your VERY speedy turnaround! You have made me one happy bride, and I will absolutely recommend you to anyone I know who ever faces a problem like mine =)
Paramus, NJ


IT WORKED! Thanks for your time and your support. The world needs more people like you who still care.

Good-luck and take care.

Thanks again,

To whom it may concern,

I wanted to say thanks for the great level of service provided by Grant Woods while trying to recover my pictures.

I've been extremely satisfied and impressed by his professionalism and customer service level and as a result I've already recommended your company to friends of mine.

It's rare to see such a great level of service and again worth noticing it.


Natascha Siegrist


Data recovered from FTTP, it's all there, you guys saved my BUTT! Great Service, efficient, quick & helpful. You went above and beyond!

Thanks very much!!!


Hi Ron

We received the CD today!!

Thanks so much! Those pictures meant the world to Lindsay. We appreciate your kind service. God Bless.

Have a very Merry Christmas!!

Sharon Spengler

Hey Ron,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the CD with my pictures on it. Thank you so very much for such a speedy recovery of my data and lightning quick return to me. You guys are the best. Happy Holidays to you.


Thomas Oliver

To Management:

Please accept this letter as a compliment for Ron Gomez in Sales Support for LC Technology. His customer service is extraordinary in today?s business culture.

Recently, I had a flash drive from which I could not obtain stored material. I called the company who manufactures and sells the said brand of flash drives. When I told them that I wanted the material retrieved, they recommended your company.

When I called your company, I reached Ron Gomez. From the beginning, he was helpful and gave clear instructions as to what to do with said drive. He emailed me and attached a recovery form. I mailed the form and the drive and contacted him by email. He corresponded with me throughout the transaction. He called my home and left a message that the drive was being mailed back to me and that the recovery was unsuccessful. His attention to this matter and my concern was evident even to the completion of transaction which was a refund from your company.

It is not often in our busy world today, that I as a consumer feel that my needs are being heard and met in such a courteous way. Your employee, Ron Gomez, is truly a shining example of what customer service should be. Your company will continue to do business because of employees like him. He was prompt, informative, and courteous.

Thanks for such a pleasant experience. Although my stored files could not be retrieved, I am glad to know that your company is available for future help.

Please commend Ron Gomez.

Mary Ann Long


Thank you so very much for your efforts. You have no idea how happy that I am that you guys were able to recover the pictures for me. You and your staff have been nothing short of superb. I will recommend your company to everyone that I know. I will let you know when the disk gets here. Thanks again. I hope you and your techs all have wonderful holidays.


Thomas Oliver

Hi Ron,

I received the CD with my files on it in today's mail and everything seems to be fine. I just wanted to thank you for your help and promptness in getting this back to me. You have saved me many hours of work re-creating this information.

Carole Chaitin


I received my DVD today. While the thought of paying $125 to retrieve data I shouldn't have lost in the first place bothers me, after talking to others, I find that $125 (while expensive to me) is an exceptional price for data recovery.


I will look for a USB connector so hopefully this will not happen again. Thanks for the info.

Thanks again.



I just want to say thank you to you and your team for recovering the data from my flash drive! I want you to know that it was greatly appreciated! It is as if you all saved my life, because my life was on there.

Thank you again,

Maria Polydefkis


We couldn't thank you enough for successfully sending the much needed files for my daughters project, I really appreciate your fast assistance in retrieving our data.

thanks again,

Angelica Guzman


Just want you to know how much I appreciate Ron Gomez's work to restore some of my files from a shattered flash drive. I don't know how he did it apart from a miracle from God, but I'm sure glad he did. I had over 30 pages of a doctorate paper stored on there that I had failed to back up elsewhere. Ron was wonderful through the whole process.


Mike Foster

Good Morning Ron,

Just letting you know that I picked up the mail today and found the recovery disk in there. Thanks! Just took a look. A few failed to be recovered, but all in all Thanks For a Job well done.

Will highly recommend you and your company to others if the need arises.


Attn: Eric Beaudoin

Thank you again for recovering the photos from our Europe vacation. They mean so much to us, as we will probably never take this trip again.

I will certainly recommend your service to anyone who experiences a similar problem.

Warmest regards,

June R. Hays

Hello Ray,

I wanted to thank you for coming through so quickly, efficiently and professionally during my data crisis experience.

When I received your phone message I was so relieved and impressed with you and your company, and so grateful that I chose LC Technology to recover my data.

Thank you once again for all your support and your great work, and I will certainly refer LC Tech. to all my Toronto colleagues.

Have a great day,

Dr. Robyn Stephens


I received the disc on Sat. and everything I expected was there!! I am so excited! Thank you so much. It felt like a miracle after using our own file recovery program, something touted as professional strength; taking the chip to a photo store with no success. I am so impressed, thrilled, delighted with the results. I have been telling everyone I know and sent your link out to many friends.

I was further impressed by the quick turn around and your excellent customer service. Thank you again!

Feel free to pass this email up to your boss or however your company spreads kudos! Your team rocks!

Philese Selden


I received the "recovery" CD in yesterday's mail. I can't begin to thank you folks enough for rescuing the pictures on the SanDisk Ultra II SD Media Card.

As a result of your efforts, my niece learned a very valuable lesson about downloading and backing up digital pictures on a regular basis. Your efforts saved the memories of a wonderful, once in a lifetime, trip for her and her son.

I appreciate all that you and LC Technology have done to resolve our dilemma.


Mike Fenchel


I'm very pleased with your work. I would say that you were able to restore at least 99% of the pictures. Many thanks for getting our memories back!!


Jim & Martha Murphy

Hi Ray,

This is the BEST email I have ever received! I thought for sure, that I had blown it, and began the grieving process by telling all my friends about the photos that "got away" There is nothing like "hope" to carry the day, and you and your company's expertise, of course.

I am going to email SanDisk how pleased I am with you folks, and thank you personally, a hundred times!!!



Hi Ray,

I received the disc today and was very pleased with the results. I lost a few pictures but you people retrieved the ones that count.

I want to thank you for all the help. You and your company went out of your way to help me. In all the years I have been in business, I don't remember any company being as helpful as you people were.

The information you sent with the disc was very helpful. I have some pictures that only print the top half and often wondered why. Now I know, thanks to you.

Thank you once again. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I will remember you, so if I ever runs into anyone with the same problem, I will HIGHLY recommend you.


Bill Montgomery


Thanks so much for the good news. I look forward to the diskette in a couple of business days.

You don't know how much you have made my day for recovering 3000+ files that I so desperately need. Thank you....greatly appreciated:)


Walter R. McCollum, PhD, RODC
President, McCollum Enterprises, LLC


The CD arrived with the missing pictures from my daughter's wedding. Thank you and your company for doing such a great job of recovering the lost pictures from the memory chip. I will pass your name along to others who need your service.

David Bischof

Hi Ron,

Thank you for your wonderful news regarding recovering images for me. You don't know what a relief that is and how so thrilled I am. You and your company have shown such outstanding consideration and service that I would recommend your company to anybody.

I also have attached a sample of the work I do. The images that you recovered are shot on a green screen and then the image is extracted and placed on whatever background I or my clients desire. Thought you would be interested in seeing the finished product.

Again, thanks for all of your help and I'll talk to you soon.

RLS Photography

Dear Ron,

I received the CD with the recovered files and the toasted flash drive this morning. Everything looks great.

Most of what was on that drive was personal and irreplaceable. As such, it was worth every penny of the cost to have it recovered. LCTI did a great job for me and I especially appreciate your courtesy and the speed with which the recovery was completed. If I ever need such a service again, you folks will have a repeat customer. I will also spread the word far and wide that LC Technology is the way to go for data recovery.

Once again, thank you very much,

Mark Womack

Dear Ray,

You are the MAN! I can not believe the customer service!!! You are awesome!!

We were on your website on Sunday, you called to follow up on Monday, we e-Mail with you (and you answer as if you are waiting just for us), we Fed Ex overnight the card and you call the same day the card is delivered to tell us that you found our files!! Customer Service at it's best! I would highly recommend LC Technology International and I would ask for you if I ever encounter a problem again!!

I have a photography business and the lost pictures were from a wedding. Half of the wedding was on that card. I was devastated! And then we found your website and the AWESOME customer service. Thank you for saving my reputation!!!

Annie Arena


Thank you so much for all of your efforts and attention. I really appreciate you assistance with this.

I received the other CD but haven't had an opportunity to check it out (it arrived this morning on my way out the door). I will let you know as soon as I pop it into my computer at home.

Also, I wanted to let you know that I passed on your information to my father-in-law. He owns Computerland stores in the area and has been looking for a company to send this type of work to since they don't do data recovery at their stores. I hope you don't mind, but I have had such a nice experience with you company I figured other people in our area might as well!

Thank you again for your help; have a terrific weekend!



Received the memory card and the CD on Friday the 7th. Thank you so much for all your help. You have no idea how much I appreciate what you did. The service was simply superb and done in such a timely manner.

Thanks again and happy holidays to you and yours.

Jackie Saddler

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to acknowledge Ron Gomez?s professional and helpful service. From the initial phone call I made, he was courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable. He patiently explained the ramifications of sending my flash drive, which needed data recovery performed on it. He also e-Mailed me while we were on the phone to make sure the e-Mail went through to me. When it did not work three times, he continued to try. Further, he was conscientious when I contacted him questioning the status of my flash drive a few days later. He told me that it was still being worked on, but he would contact me when it was done. Much to my surprise, he called me later that afternoon, just as he promised.

Above all, I was very pleased that when I told him I needed to make a deadline, and some files that I needed were on my flash drive, he volunteered to e-Mail them to me before mailing my flash drive. I had been very worried about those files, and the fact that he went out of his way to make sure I received as soon as possible them really helped me.

Thank you for employing such diligent workers as Mr. Gomez.

Cynthia A. Wittig

I believe in paying a compliment when one is due. And one is due when you find someone who seems genuinely interested in helping a customer. Earlier today Ron Gomez helped solve a problem I had with a new SanDisk® SD memory card. I was initially irritated that I was having a problem with a new card. He sort of deflected my irritation by his willingness to help. He was patient, courteous and professional. He communicated at my level (computer novice) of understanding. My impression is that he took a few extra steps in trying to solve my problem that others might not have. If would be great for the computer industry if more support technicians could emulate his approach to helping the customer.

Jim Williams

Hi Ron,

Thanks so much for recovering the files on the card I sent! It was the only card from my main camera and the wedding would have been Incomplete without those images.

You guys are great!

Best regards,


I was just going through my e-Mails and wanted to say one final time THANK YOU! for how wonderfully you handled this family "crisis" for us. The pictures arrived safely and we have all enjoyed them very much. The loss of these photos would have been a major HOLE in our son's initial journey to China without your efforts and the work of others in your company.

I am asking you to please forward this note to your management team to let them know what a terrific job you did on this issue for us. You could teach Dell and others a few things about customer service.

Sabrina M. Wrenn

Hi Ron,

My daughter received a Fex-Ex package from LC Technology this afternoon.

Thank you so much in recovering those "lost pictures". She obviously wants to keep the wonderful times she had this summer "alive" by using her pictures as a screensaver.

I want to commend you and the technicians of LC Technology International for a great job in recovering the pictures on the card. I would definitely continue to buy SanDisk® products and recommend LC Technology for any problems with them.

Best Regards,
Ricardo Krimker


I appreciate your help today Ron. Everything came back and a few other pictures that had been lost from Italy. The phone call you made was a nice surprise which I didn't expect for a company to make. Nice touch, well done. Will promote your services and company. Thank you for making it a pleasure to deal with you.

Best regards,

To Eric Beaudoin,

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am so glad you thought to check that prong before giving up. You haven?t a clue as to what it means to my customer, and of course, me personally.

Let me first tell you my sob story. I started my photography business three years ago and have always done it as a part-time job. It is something I absolutely love to do and end up meeting some great people along the way. This particular Bride you see in the photos is an acquaintance of mine for the past few years and when she got engaged she was set on hiring me for her wedding. A few months ago she called me crying on the phone telling me that her wedding date had to change and she saw I was unavailable for the new date. She then rearranged everything to a date I was available just so that I could be the photographer. The wedding day came around and I had a good day shooting. No problems. As far as I could tell on my LCD screen, my pictures were coming out nicely. Two days later I went to upload the pictures and found that the memory card was nonresponsive. I was completely crushed.

I had to wait until she came back from her honeymoon to tell her how the memory card had failed and that there was a very big chance the images were gone forever. Needless-to-say, we were both crying. I, stupidly, had entrusted that one memory card for 90% of her wedding day pictures. Big mistake on my part. I then spent all of last week calling her family and friends begging for any and all photos that they may have taken at the wedding so that I may put together a collection of pictures so that she may have some memories of the day. Which, let me tell you, takes a big hit on the ego.

When you called the first time yesterday, I expected the bad news and had already accepted the outcome. When you called back 10 minutes later with the unbelievable good news, I can?t tell you what a complete shock that was. I have had such a rain cloud following me since first discovering that the memory card had failed, it was like you were the sunshine I had been waiting for. I know that is quite cheesy, but it?s the best way to describe it. I?ll have you know, I spent a good hour running around my house like a mad woman dancing around and screaming?and of course calling my Bride to let her know what a miracle it was.

I am sending out an e-Mail to all of my fellow photographers, friends, and family to let them know what happened, and to inform them of your grand services. Any time memory cards becomes a topic in the future, I will definitely rave about how Eric with LC Technology went above and beyond. You are on my favorite referrals list forever more.

Thank you again you wonderful Data recovery genius!

Christine May from Kansas City, MO


Dear Mr. Zimmerman:

I would like to thank your efficient staff members in recovering over 900 pictures from an SD memory that got corrupted. I went to your office on June 5, 2007 and waited for the pictures to be recovered.

Your staff is first rate. I spoke with Eric over the telephone the day before and he was very reassuring and gave me directions to your office. I met Mike who worked on the pictures, too. Dorrie made sure that I was comfortable watching television while I waited. She even served me cold iced tea.

It was so upsetting to take a long trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Singapore only to find out that all pictures taken were corrupted. Prior to my calling SanDisk® to ask for assistance, I went to several local photography and camera shops to no avail.

It was such a relief to find out that you are located nearby.

I have told several friends and businesses Including Staples where I originally purchased the SD module.

Please extend my sincerest thanks to your staff. I wish all of them the best.

sincerely yours,

Teresita S. de Guzman, RN

Dear Eric,

Thanks again for your help yesterday recovering the lost images on the 1gb Olympus xD disk we have. My partner owns the SERVPRO of Englewood, North Port, and Cape Haze, Florida. SERVPRO is a national franchise company specializing in emergency "Fire and Water - Clean Up and Restoration". SERVPRO has some 1500+ franchises in the United States.

When they are called out to home or business with a water or fire loss mess, the first documentation of the site with special monitoring equipment for levels of water saturation, humidity, temperature, mold growth, etc., and the photographic images as visual of all the property's affected areas prior to beginning clean up are absolutely critical to have recorded. Because fast response and beginning clean up as quickly as possible dramatically affects the amount of damage and loss expense, those readings and pictures are taken first and then the work begins. So, the scene is changed and unrepeatable very shortly.

That first documentation is important however to several involved parties. The insurance company, the home owner, and the SERVPRO. And possibly a contractor or supplier responsible for rebuilding the property need to see the original scene.

We were suddenly missing ALL of the images from several home emergencies. With no way to repeat nearly all of the missing pictures, I think you can see we had a really big problem. However, with your software and very clear, friendly technical support, you easily walked me through recovering and re-saving all of those previously lost images. (and our necks) Granted, not always are missing digital images recoverable, but clearly often they are. Certainly it is worth taking the steps to find out! I'm also aware now that you have software for recovering other types of information files in addition to picture files that I will keep in mind.

So, many thanks to you Eric, and I will be sending a message to the other SERVPROs in our network and to our corporate offices about the ease and effective help we got from LC Technology Intl. and the PHOTORECOVERY? software. You saved the day. Actually, quite a few days and a some headaches to boot!

Very sincerely,
Mark Weixler

     Kathleen Kessler, owner

SERVPRO of Englewood, North Port & Cape Haze
80 S. McCall Rd.
Englewood, FL 34223

Ron -

I am very impressed with the follow up on your part. Its not often companies have such attention to customer service - very impressive.

Jason Bailey


I have received the CD with my recovered files from my broken flash drive. I have checked and they seem to be all present and operating. You may delete the back-up you kept. Also please, if you have not already done so, destroy the flash drive as it is no longer of any use to me. I want to commend you on your customer service and attention to this matter. It has been a very pleasant and painless experience. In today's business climate, a very refreshing change. Keep up the good work. Many Thanks.

Mike Jones
Fredericksburg, VA

Dear Sirs,

With deep gratitude and profound satisfaction I am writing to you once again to thank you for your timely help with the recovery of my flash drive data. I received the disk from you with the restored files and resumed working on my portfolio.

I am impressed by very efficient and professional work of your employee Mr. Ron Gomez (Sales Support) who from the first telephone conversation proved to be helpful, understanding , taking my interests, as a customer, truly very much to heart. His explanations were very clear and very convincing, his e-Mails and phone calls were always timely and professional. I was really lucky to have this liaison person, representing your truly unique company and service.

I appreciate your assistance and professionalism.

In future I will refer every person with the same problem over to your company. My special Thanks go to Mr. Gomez who deserves to be nominated the Employee of the Year!

Respectfully yours,

Larysa Kudryavtseva
Assistant Professor (Russian)
Defense Language institute,
Monterey, CA 93940

To Whom It May Concern:

I seldom send in an acclamation for great service because I seldom have a reason to do so. This is one in a million. On last Friday, I surfed the Internet until I found your web site in effort to retrieve needed files that I could no longer access on the Cruzer product that I purchased several months ago. I found and submitted the on-line form as requested and within an hour my phone rang and the very professional and courteous voice on the other end of the phone was Ray Hasinger, one of your representatives. He provided excellent details on the possible problems and informed me on the process of retrieving my files.

Being that I was in an immediate need for several of the files on the flash drive, I hung up the phone and rushed to FedEx and overnighted the product. On yesterday, I saw that the product was delivered to your office and e-Mailed Ray with the shipping information and asked him to do whatever he could to expedite this attempt at retrieval. This morning, I received a personal call from Ray informing me that they were indeed able to retrieve my files and would be shipping out a CD with the contents. Ray then asked if there were any files that I needed right away that he could send electronically. The file he sent me was a just in time life saver.

I can not tell you how refreshing it has been to see that good service, though very sick, is not dead. Because of Ray's personal touch, you have a customer for life. Please, pass my gratitude on to him. Job well done.


Thank you very much for your prompt and I must say Fantastic customer service. I received my recovered information today and all is well. From my initial shock of your phone call 5 minutes after I started looking at your Recovery Pro program to your finished product in my hand, you did everything right to ensure that I am telling ALOT of people about your company.

Though I have to say that I hope I never have to use your services again, if I do find myself in trouble again, rest assured you will be first on the call list.

Thank you again and you are to be commended for your fine customer service. There is far too little of that today.

Tim Voss

Dear Eric,

I was so THRILLED to get your message and package, and find out that you and your company was able to retrieve the photos from our photo card. It was for business purposes, so it was very important to us. I was so surprised.

I will be sure to promote your company whenever I get the chance in talking to people. The fee of $75 was low for the value you provided.

Thank you so much!!
all the best,

jane groft

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to recognize Mr. Ron Gomez for his exceptional level of customer service. Prior to a serious data loss with my San Disk Cruzer Titanium, I had never heard of LC-Tech. After working with Ron I am not only intimately familiar with your company, I have come away with an understanding of true and excellent customer service. Mr. Gomez was courteous, helpful, consistent, not to mention friendly, in his work with me. He responded to my requests for additional information and made me feel like a valued and cared-about customer. While I only worked with him a short time, I do a lot of business over the internet and phone and consistently met with horrible business practices and service. I had such a positive experience with Mr. Gomez, I felt compelled to ask him for the e-Mail address of his supervisor. As someone who works in a virtual office environment, I also know that it is not easy to exemplify leadership over the phone or over e-Mail, but Mr. Gomez found a way to do so, and I am grateful for his efforts. I hope he gets the recognition from his team that he deserves. He made me not mind spending 125$ for your service and left me with a sense of trust that LC-Tech would do everything they could to help me recover extremely important data. I also felt assured that Mr. Gomez would see to as much personally. I can't imagine a better qualities in an employee.

Julie Schell

Hi Eric,

I just received my disk this week and I wanted to send a note to say thank you for recovering my photos. After I dropped my camera in the ocean I thought my pictures were lost for ever. Thanks for recovering my pictures and saving our memories of our vacation.


Dear Sirs,

I just want to thank your company and staff for the extremely fast and reliable service that I received. I especially want to thank Ron Gomez who was very helpful with his knowledge and follow-up to our studio with the end results.

Without the help of your company our studio would have had a very unhappy bride and groom and we would have been forced to return all their monies paid to us. I would recommend your company to all other colleagues that would have a similar problem.

Thank You Again
Dennis McDonough

Dear LC Technology people,

We recently spent a month biking in Europe and took what I hoped would be some luscious pictures. Unfortunately, about two-thirds of the way through a 256mb SanDisk® I got a ?Corrupted Data? message. When I got home, my system wouldn't even recognize the disk when I tried to open it.

I wrote to SanDisk® and received a detailed description for reconfiguring the card. Unfortunately, the instructions also said that all of the data on the card (MY PICTURES!!!) would definitely be lost if I followed the directions. Luckily for me, the last item in SanDisk®s e-Mail was a note directing me to LC Technology if I wanted to have the problem professionally handled.

It?s easy to be laudatory because the pictures of our vacation were saved. But I can honestly say that I would be writing to you even if it hadn?t worked out (in fact, I was alerted that, from my description over the phone, it was only a 50-50 chance that the pictures could be accessed).

I am taking the time to write such a long letter because I really am delighted by the service I received from LC Technology and from Eric Beaudoin, your representative. From the first call, it was clear that I was dealing with professionals.

Frankly, I?m of an age that missed the electronics revolution; I?m only nibbling at the edges. Eric asked the right questions and gently walked me through the areas I had trouble explaining. He put me at ease, clearly explained the options and the risks, e-Mailed the documents needed and gave me his direct phone extension if I needed to contact him. Eric even called my home to tell me that ?the operation was a success? and that the data would be on the way to me the next day. I feel as though I really got personal and personalized service. Eric made that happen.

Obviously, I was very lucky. A FedEx package with a CD containing my rescued pictures arrived yesterday. The turn-around was only a matter of days. I was amazed to find a note from Eric in the package. Again, it truly feels like professional, personal service. You guys get a A+ from me. And Eric deserves a major pat on the back. Don?t lose this guy!

Thanks for saving our vacation memories and for doing it with such class.

Morris S. Spier
Poway, California

Dear Mr. Beaudoin,

I am very pleased to send this e-Mail in regards to the data recovery service you provided on our SanDisk® Micro flash card earlier last week. I must thank you as well as congratulate you on your exceptional services. We had tried many different things and went as far as our corporate headquarters IT department before finding the company you work for "LC Technology". We have received and confirmed our precious data is ok and we are back up and running with our projects and tasks at hand. Our office as well as myself extend our hearts and gratitude as well as guarantee we will continue to do business moving forward with all of our recovery needs. Your service was exceptional and the turn-around time was fast. I cannot thank you enough, you exceeded out expectations! Again, thank you!

Travis K. Skaggs
Sales Assistant
Layne-Texas, A Division of Layne Christensen Company
Houston, TX


Thank you so very, very much for your outstanding help yesterday afternoon (6/19). I am very pleased to have heard a kind and friendly voice and even more delighted to know that my pictures have a good chance of recovery. Eric, your reassurance that I did the right thing is wonderful. I can't thank you enough. When I head home to Saint Pete - a bottle of Champagne is in your direction. Your are the BOMB !

Looking forward to your phone call. The envelope is headed your direction via Express, registered U.S. Mail. Thanks Again.

Lisa Mackey

Hi Ron,

I wanted to say thank you once again for being able to recover the photos from my card. I am a scrap booker and my pictures are my link to my life. I don't know if you have any interest in what I have been thinking about but I thought I would share my thoughts. I have read in many different scrapbooking magazines and on scrapbooking websites about people who were devastated because something happened to their flash card and they "lost" all their photos. I too would have thought I was doomed if my husband hadn't done some research and found you. I really think there is such interest in the scrapbooking world that if people knew you were "out there" and could possibly save their photos, it would be a Godsend.. Paying $100.00 meant nothing to me, not because I am wealthy but because those pictures were our vacation.. Maybe some advertising in the scrapbook magazines would really pay off.

Anyhow, just a thought. If you have any interest, let me know and I'll get you some info. And once again, thank you so much. I know it's your job and it's what you do but you have no idea the impact of possibly losing my photos because of something stupid that I did. You really made my day.

Thank you again,

Deb Crofutt


Thanks for all your work on recovering my pictures. I don't know which ones I couldn't open, but I don't miss them and am soooooooooooo thankful for what I did get.

Thanks So Much!

~Kathie Ewing

P.S. My trip to Costa Rica was fabulous and my pictures turned out great. My sister and I joked around saying that if we had any problems with our camera cards, not to worry, for $100 we can get it fixed!!


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Thank You so much.

You just made a bunch of guys up here happy.

Gerald Wyhopen

Hello Eric,

We received the photos and they all look great. Not only did you manage to restore some of our most cherished memories, your service and professionalism during the entire process was unbelievable.

Thank you so much !!!!
-A large group of very grateful Carnegie Mellon students

We have received the CD with the recovered photos on it. Everything turned out great. We really appreciate you recovering our photos of our honeymoon. These pictures meant a lot to us. Hopefully in the future we do not need to use you guys again, but if our camera card fails us again, you will be the first ones to get a call.

Thank you very much for your help,
Ken & Janelle Lauria!

Hi Eric,

My CD has been received, and along with it roughly 160 photos I was not ready to kiss goodbye. Thank you for successfully and so expediently processing my order. Eric you are a first class gentleman, for getting back to me so quickly, and for giving me an optimistic feeling from the outset, when there was none. I will gratefully recommend your company to anyone who has gone thru data corruption.

Richard M Friedman


Thank you for taking the time to fully explain to me what happened with the images and the *backfilling* process. That is exactly what happened. When I realized I was out of space on my memory card, I went back through and deleted some of the previous photos that weren't quite up to par, making room for a few more shots. I'm a little sad that I lost some of our honeymoon photos, but overjoyed at what your company was actually able to recover. In this case, *some is better than none* definitely rings true!!

I would also like to comment on how very pleased I am with LC Technology. From the very beginning, every employee I have dealt with has been amazing. Prompt, accurate, and courteous are only a few of the words I can think of to describe the *Media recovery team*, especially Ray. It has been a pleasure to do business with your company.

Again, thank you for your help.

Gina M. Davis Rogers
*a very satisfied customer*!!

The time is coming to thank you (it's late this evening) but I save my memories from BERLIN at the CHECK POINT CHARLIE. VERY BIG THANK YOU also from my Wife, because we had no more memories from this beautiful time. Especially from this CHECK POINT CHARLIE
that I Know this very good in the time where it was the COLD WAR !!

It was our annual travel for our wedding anniversary (34).

I was in Berlin in my young time 1965/67 to work to the Siemens cie, and it was very important for me to give the opportunity to my wife to see this special location. I crossed the border to go to visit Berlin Is one Sunday with a friend and we had many adventures at this border this Sunday. I could write a book!!

My wife read an article in a magazine "Der Spiegel" on Internet and spoke to me about this problem. I was thus sad to have lost these photographs of our stay.

Now this place has been completely just Demolished by promoters a few weeks ago only, to build buildings. These people did not want to have any more memories of the Berlin Wall. You understand now why it was so important for me and my wife.

One more time thank you very much !!

So long,
Best regards.


To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to pass along a note recognizing the superior customer service Eric Beaudoin provided me with over the past two weeks. He was realistic and reassuring in his analysis of my lost data and responded promptly to the many e-Mails I sent him between sending in my disk and the recovery of my data. After returning my card and CD he continued to provide answers to my questions regarding the condition of the data as well as helpful hints for using my memory card in the future. My experience with your company, and Eric, has been nothing but great. I sincerely appreciate the tact and compassion Eric had for my situation. Although they are only photographs, having them means the world to me. I have already referred a friend of mine to your services and will continue to speak very highly of your company. Thank you for all of your help.


Lindsay Walsh

I am very impressed with the customer service I received from your company. As customer service is my business, I know how to gauge quality of service better than your average Joe. I am always skeptical when it comes to purchasing 'miracle cures' over the internet. I found myself in a desperate situation. I do a lot of client support after hours. An associate of mine knew about this, and asked me to stop by his home and 'check out' their PC's... ...long story shortened somewhat, his PC was infected with a number of viruses and various exploits. At least one of the variants had attached itself to all the .jpg files on his PC. They had about six years of family photos stored on the PC. These irreplaceable photos did not exist anywhere else. Using your program, I was able to recover approximately 90% (or more) of the photos! Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays and Weddings were a hit. When the picture of this person and George Bush Sr. appeared, the air in the room became much lighter! I immediately left for the nearest computer store and purchased some burnable CD?s. We got all the photo?s and documents Including the final thesis of the oldest child (and four years worth of tax records) burned to CD-ROM and then ran the restore process on the PC. A happy ending for one scared PC Tech!!!! I have since recommended your product to everyone I know. You and your company as whole, gave very timely and accurate responses to all of my questions! You guys are awesome!

P Dauphinee

My name is Kim Fox and I am wedding photographer from California As I was downloading a CompactFlash card after photographing a wedding on May 1st, 2004 my computer crashed and the card became unreadable. As this card contained photos from the ceremony and the couple's romantic pictures, you can imagine that I was panicked. I called LC Technology and you told me to Fed Ex you the card and that you would look at it right away. You told me not to panic and that you could probably retrieve most of the images if not
all. At 11:00am the next morning, I received a call that you had retrieved all the images.

I just want to thank LC Technology for all of your help. Not only did you retrieve all my images, but you were Incredibly kind and comforting concerning my situation. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the great service and the kindness I received. I really felt confident that you would do everything in your power to help me retrieve the images Not only is your technology great, but your staff is Incredibly kind and patient.

Again, I thank you...


Kim Fox
Kim Fox Photography



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