Data Recovery Pricing for SanDisk Media


LC Tech Support Services offers data recovery services for all types of SanDisk® digital media. For SSD's, see our Hard Disk Recovery Pricing. This service is available for all SanDisk® digital media at a flat rate based on the storage capacity of the media.
Our flat-fee price for flash media recovery includes recovery of your data to a CD or DVD and return shipping.
For recoveries outside of the UK, an additional shipping fee is added.
No charge other than return shipping if we do not find your files!

Recovery Services Pricing*

SanDisk® Digital Media Recovery up to 2GB - £78.00 (+ VAT)

SanDisk® Digital Media Recovery 4GB - £95.00 (+ VAT)

SanDisk® Digital Media Recovery 8GB - £109.00 (+ VAT)

SanDisk® Digital Media Recovery 16GB - £140.00 (+ VAT)

SanDisk® Digital Media Recovery 32GB - £171.00 (+ VAT)

SanDisk® Digital Media Recovery 64GB - £205.00 (+ VAT)

SanDisk® Digital Media Recovery 128GB - £242.00 (+ VAT)

SanDisk® Digital Media Recovery 256GB - £275.00 (+ VAT)

*There is a surcharge for physically damaged media (i.e. connector broken off, etc) - £65.00 (+ VAT)

Download the SanDisk Recovery Service Pricing Form Here

If you have questions regarding our digital media recovery services, please call our sales department the UK at 0044 (0)115 704 3306 or FAX to 0044 (0)115 824 6398 to speak with a customer representative. Customers outside of Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australasia, please visit recovery services.
Please ship your media to the address below.

LC Tech Support Services,Ltd.
Floor 4, 20 Fletcher Gate
Nottingham NG1 2FZ UK

Make sure you package your media in a sturdy mailer, mark it as "containing Electronic Media - do not expose to magnetic fields".
Then send it by UPS, FedEx, DHL or any shipping method that allows the package to be tracked.
Please be sure the card is secure and the address is correct.
LC Tech Support Services, Ltd. is not responsible for cards that are lost or damaged in shipping.


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